Friday, January 20, 2012

A Nomination Story: Thank You

Imagine my surprise a few weeks ago to walk into a grade level meeting and find my name on a Teacher of the Year nomination form.  My grade level colleagues, teachers from 5th grade, and some Special Ed teachers were all there.  The guy who teaches 6th grade Math put me on the spot, "So, do you WANT it, Bowden?"

My mind was already racing... I've always had a secret fantasy to be recognized in this way. But in my county, just being named the Teacher of the Year at the school level brings a whole host of duties. I'm stressed enough with regular work and some personal issues... So I quickly said, "Heck, no. Vote for me if you want to but..."

I enjoyed greatly sharing the news of the nomination with my husband, daughters, parents and Twitter. It was gratifying to hear their excitement that someone at my school recognized my hard work.  After all, the people closest to me know how hard I work and how much I worry about doing a good job.  After letting go of the awkward feeling of being in the spotlight momentarily, I appreciate the recognition.

I didn't get the title of Teacher of the Year - but I can honestly say that it truly was an honor to be nominated.

So, secret nominator at my school? Thanks for making my year. Thanks for honoring me with your nomination. You'll never know how much it boosted me just when I needed it.