Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012-2013 Classroom in Pictures

About two hours yesterday and three hours today have whipped my classroom ALMOST into shape. There is still a "To-Do" list with a dozen odd jobs - but the main things are done.  Here's a peek: (as always, click to enlarge images.)

Hallway Bulletin Board. Idea from Pinterest. Already getting comments.

Students will use magnets (either with names or #s) to sign for attendance in the morning.

This year's focus wall!  Will be updated when the UNIT changes. My units are 4-6 weeks long. This will be MUCH easier to keep up with (and hopefully more useful) than last year's weekly wall.

Another Pinterest idea. Made last year. Will be used heavily this year as we will be assessing all students (even 6th graders) with the Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment 3 times. Also going to show how this info would make an excellent summary/book review.

Use to have class library up here. Moved it (and so much move the genre tags.) Now going to be storage for materials (which is a work in progress.)

Calendar, expectations, grading scale. Front and center where everyone can easily see it. (Several Pinterest ideas up there!)

Class Library - it overflows into a small bookcase to the right. The nonfiction books will be in tubs on a shelf under the calendar bulletin board.

Messy teacher bookcase. The top is ready to go. The lower shelves are packed with tubs of "stuff" that needs to be sorted. It is on the to-do list.

More teacher storage near my closet. The chart stand will block the sink but can easily be moved.

MORE teacher storage although this is fairly neat and ready to use.

Teacher table - will use as a desk and meet with groups here.
All my stuff has been condensed from around the room onto the tile. This new group of kids has a... ahhhhh... shall we say... reputation. I wanted to simplify the room by gathering all the stuff I use into one place. Easier for me, easier for the kids.

I'm still tweaking desk arrangement. When I get that organized (next week) I'll post more pictures.  I'll try to write a post about my units and lesson plans too. (Add that to the "to do" list.)

How are you preparing for the new year?