Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Day

Our Day in Third Grade

When we come to school in the mornings, we follow our Morning Routine. Then Mrs. B checks Math Homework. After that we get ready for our Math Lesson. Math Work Stations come next. (We feel smart and excited about Math WS's!!)

Then we all sit on the carpet and read. Soon, we will be switching classes for reading groups! We will also be having AR goals for each month. By this time, we are ready for a snack. Then we are ready to write stories and learn about writing.

After writing, we go to Block. Block classes are: PE, Art, or Music. Then we go back to the classroom and Mrs. B reads aloud a chapter book. Right now we are reading Judy Moody Declares Independence. Then we go to Lunch!

Some days we go to Recess after Lunch. Other days we go back and take AR tests and go to the Media Center for new books. Then we do Literacy Work Stations. They are very fun and help us learn about grammar, drama, cursive, poetry, and listening.

We do Social Studies after. Soon we will start Science. We are tired by this time but we aren't done yet! We still have to copy homework, pack up and write in our Reflection Journals. Then we are ready to go home!

*Written by all 20 students in Mrs. B's 3rd grade.*

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