Sunday, October 19, 2008

Changes to Spelling Homework

Guess what? Beginning Monday, you will not turn in daily spelling homework. You will have a contract and will turn in everything on Friday morning. Sounds cool? Here is what you have to do.


Choose from the activities below to make a total of 100 points. Do each choice on a separate piece of paper. You may use the fronts and backs of pages. Write the choice name at the top of the page. Attach ALL your work to this sheet. Assignments are due Friday morning. Incomplete assignments or missing assignments will be completed at Fun Friday. Please do not turn in work early.

10 points

* Write each word three times.

* Write each word one time using this code: vowels are blue, consonants are red.

* Write each word one time using a different color for each letter. (Rainbow Words)

* Have a helper give you a practice test on your words.

20 points

* Write a sentence with each word. Underline the word.

* Write all your words in ABC order.

* Find your words in a newspaper or magazine. Cut them out and glue them to a piece of paper.

30 points

* Write a joke or riddle for each spelling word. Include the answer!

* Write a silly story using all your spelling words.

* Find the value of each word if vowels are worth 10 cents and consonants are worth 5 cents.

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