Monday, November 3, 2008

Just call me Mrs. No Voice

What a Monday! All our kids were great - dealing with another day of a teacher with no voice. No worries - I went to the doctor and have an asthma flare up/bronchitis. I'm on some powerful medicines and I'm sure I'll be better soon.

Tuesday is a work day. I'll be having more conferences with parents. I really enjoy meeting you and sharing what our kids have accomplished. They are just so smart!

FYI - We will be out on Nov. 11th as well. That will be a holiday for Veterans' Day.

The Spelling Contract has changed somewhat. I hope you find it has been modified for the better. The highlights are:
  • Students need to earn at least 80 points, instead of 100.
  • There are more options for each level of points.
Please keep the contract in the Spelling Notebook. I use it as a reference when I check the contracts on Fridays/Mondays.

Another important note for 2nd quarter: Reading Logs will be given a WEEKLY grade for participation. Students will be given a grade of 100, 80, 60, 40, 20, or 0 based on how many entries they completed (out of 5 possible). Students have had a full 9 weeks to get used to the routine, so this should not be a big deal. Also, look for a list of "ideas" for summaries/responses to be included in the reading log sometime late this week. I may also "upgrade" all students to a new Reading Log folder if I can find something suitable in the closet.

Have a great day off tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you as I work on our room! See you Wednesday!

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