Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday, November 6th

Today was a busy day! We learned more about having interesting beginnings in our stories. We learned that there are 3 main types of beginnings: sound, action, and thought/question. We practiced identifying them and tried our hand at writing one for an old story. In Math we worked with a partner to go over the homework and try some more subtraction with borrowing. There will be a helpful sheet in STAR Binders tomorrow to help know when to trade/borrow. In Reading we are learning about non-fiction conventions. Conventions are certain ways of doing things. When we read non-fiction books, we need to know about different things. Things we pay attention to are headings, captions, labels, charts, tables, cutaways, and indexes. There are many more things too! Next week, each student will be working on a "Nonfiction Conventions Notebook" where they will document the examples of nonfiction conventions they find. To help this study, everyone will be asked to check out 1 nonfiction book when they go to the library next week.

Thanks for a great week! Remember, there is no school next Tuesday, November 11! Call a veteran and say, "Thanks!"

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