Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bloom's Taxonomy Bulletin Board

This year, it was a school requirement that lesson plans include Bloom's Verbs.  We also were asked to pay careful attention to the levels of questions we used.   We were given a copy of this Bloomin' Butterfly. I liked it a lot - posted it on my lesson plans shelf in fact.  But my classroom theme was red-white-and-blue/Patriotic stuff.  A butterfly just didn't jive.  So I set about finding my own...

A quick Google search led me here: I Learn Technology.  I loved their ideas (and there are a BUNCH) - a Bloomin' Peacock, Pinwheel, Umbrella, and a Tree (all available as posters for sale).  But they still didn't do quite what I needed. After talking with a colleague, we decided that hats would work... you know, like the one Uncle Sam wears?  Here is what we came up with(as it was in May 2011 before taking it down for EOGs):

This worked well enough.  In reflection though, there were some issues.
  1. I never seemed to have time to add to the hats as we went. Instead I found myself looking back through a month's worth of lesson plans (and later chatting with the kids) and doing it that way. Made the hats not as valuable.
  2. I never felt like my kids had a good sense of the flow from most basic to more complex.
  3. Toward the end of the year, I really resented loosing an entire bulletin board to the 6 hats.
This is when I knew that I had to find a better way for next year!  Here is what I've come up with so far...

A Bloom's Flag!  My classroom theme will be staying the same (for at least this next year, if not another 2).  I love the red-white-and-blue - and it is also our school colors.  I feel this will also show the hierarchy from simple to complex far better (since they go from bottom to top.)  My dilemma comes in how to organize information: Bloom's Verbs, project/assignments created, and digital icons used.  It is easy to see how I organized that info on the hats - My debate is how to organize it on the flag.  I don't want the flag to loose its "flaginess" if you know what I mean.  I worry that by putting info on the stripes that might happen.

Also, in regards to the 3rd picture.  This summer I saw someone had created a 7th level - Publish - that comes above Create.  I'm not sure if it warrants it's own level (therefore using the red stripes) or if it could simply go with create (and therefore using the white stripes.) (If a publish level was your idea, let me know and I'll give you credit.)

One idea I had was to leave the blue field empty.  Then as the year progressed, add stars with the icons or projects.  Each could be labeled with the level (or maybe coded some other way.)  But I really liked the hats because it made it very easy to see where we had been spending our assignment energy... I'm very visual and often used it to redirect my lesson planning to hit other areas that were a little sparse.

So this whole post was just a plea - Ideas please?!?!

*Flag image from a PDF sent out by Evan-Moor - Seasonal Activities - EMC 2002 pages 146 & 147
I copied and pasted them together in Paint. Low tech for the win!

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