Thursday, July 7, 2011

Technology Conference Week: LiveBinders

So, today I want to share what I learned about LiveBinders.  This is another super cool site - I've seen some awesome binders and I can't wait to play around and make some of my own.

LiveBinders is (in my understanding) an online 3-ring binder. You can add whole websites, documents, video clips, pictures.  It is especially nice for teachers - you add a site to a binder and students can access the whole site, without ever leaving the binder.  It reminds me of the old days of web tech when some sites used "frames." The frames divided the screen and allowed the main page to always be there while other content showed as well.  That was annoying - this is anything but!

In our quick overview, we looked at setting up a binder, sharing a binder, and embedding a binder.  I'm thrilled that it looks like I can embed the binder into my district provided website (that I am required to update monthly.) This would be an easy, interactive, fun way to have updated content on my site without having to struggle with the SharePoint web program too often.

Another task I'm thinking about will be to develop a LiveBinder for my grade level to share.  This might be a way I can organize all our lesson plan documents for Science and Social Studies.  (Those lesson plans are already completely made for the whole year, I might add!)  It could be a great reference for whomever teaches 4th grade with me next year.  And as they find additional materials, they could add them to the binder.  We would all benefit.

One additional great thing about LiveBinders is their LiveBinder It tool.  This is a browser add-on that lets you add things to your binder without leaving the page you are on.  You find your content, hit the "LiveBinder It" toolbar, and click your options in the pop-up window.  Simple!  The next time you open your LiveBinder, the new site will be there.  You can move it around however you like.

I'll end by sharing one of my binders - it is very basic for now, but you get the idea. It is public, so as I add to it and make changes, you should see them reflected.

Do you have a LiveBinders account?  What binders have you created?  Any additional tips and tricks?


Shannon said...

I have heard about livebinders through an online class I'm taking this summer. So you think it would work well for me to use it for my lesson plans for the year? It sounds great!

Beth said...

I think you could use it for lesson plans - or at least for your resources (pdf, links, etc.)

I was going to use it to organize my social studies content - now, I'll find a way to use it for reading - maybe by genre?