Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Ideas

So obviously this isn't a classroom blog anymore.  That has a long answer and a short answer.  The short answer is that my school district now provides a wiki and a blog for each classroom.  So now I'm left with a site that needs a purpose!

I've decided to use this site to develop my own PLN - personal learning network.  I've created a new Twitter account (separate from my personal one) and I'm even thinking about creating a Facebook page for my new class of 4th graders (and their parents.)

I'm not sure how much overlap I want from my professional life at school to my professional life online.  After all, this isn't going to be a space for parents to communicate with me about their student.  It is going to be a place for me to record ideas and reflections...

Oh well, like many other things, I'll figure it out as I go along!  I'm good at that.  After all, isn't a teacher's middle name, "Flexible?"

Come back soon - I'm working on an "about me" post, a post with my summer goals, and a post with my beginning plans for next school year!

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