Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mid-Month Reflection

So I've been blogging daily for a solid 2 weeks - 16 days, over half a month. And it feels really good! I have been using the scheduled posts feature - I must write when time allows. It frees me up to be more creative and to spend more time on posts, instead of feeling rushed to hit Publish and be done.

I started blogging again thinking I'd be teaching a self-contained 4th grade class of mostly AIG students.  And I reflect 16 days later as a new, slightly scared, 6th grade Reading teacher.  I'm excited - I feel like this is my chance to really stretch my wings and my skills. I'm looking forward to being the "new one" for a change. For many years, I've been the "veteran," the one people turned to when they had questions.  I liked that - but it was a huge responsibility.  I was the only experienced teacher in 4th grade last year, working with 2 brand new teachers. It was hard for all of us - they are sweet ladies but I'm glad I'm not in the same position this year.

I've got many worries, concerns, and ideas floating around in my head.  And they've kept me awake some this week.  But I got a really good night of sleep last night - and I feel like I'm getting my act together.  I don't have teacher manuals and my classroom needs to be moved (Help me, Rhonda!), but I know my subject matter inside and out. And I'm ready! Next week, I'll start outlining some of my concerns, worries, and ideas - maybe getting them out of my head and into print will continue to help me.

So here is how I'll end the month - do you have anything you'd like to see me blog about?
  • Resources: Pinterest, ScoopIt
  • Prezi
  • Discovery Ed
  • Brainpop (?)
  • Spelling City (?)
  • Into The Book (?)
  • NCTEP - the new NC Teacher Evaluation Process - a post on each standard and a final post with a way to document it all.
  • My ideas, concerns, and worries about being in 6th grade
  • Final Reflection

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