Monday, July 25, 2011

NC Teaching Standard #1 - Leadership

Standard 1 can be both easy and difficult to demonstrate.  It all depends on your school's culture.  If your administration makes it important to cultivate teacher leaders by encouraging in-house experts, then you are fortunate.  Here are the 5 big ideas in this standard:
  • Teachers lead in the classroom.
  • Teachers demonstrate leadership in the school.
  • Teachers lead the teaching profession.
  • Teachers advocate for schools and students.
  • Teachers demonstrate high ethical standards.
 My school district put together a huge document with all sorts of ideas for artifacts.  Here are some examples of things I used to demonstrate my leadership.
  • Data notebook
  • CCAE/NCAE membership and acting as an Area Rep for the school
  • Attendance at the One Voice Rally in Raleigh on May 3
  • NCCAT attendance
  • National Board Certification
  • Created lesson plans when we went through a teacher transition
  • Assisted the district in evaluating the new math adoption
  • Procured $1,641 in materials for my classroom/school through Donor's Choose
  • Participated in the district Share Fair on Feb. 17
  • Participated in various activities with Discovery Education
  • Did website testing for
  • Completed a peer observation
I made pictures of some artifacts and others just got listed bullet form. I'll show you how I presented this information later this week.  I was able to present it to my administrators and explain things.  Overall, they were extremely impressed and pleased.

Come back tomorrow for Standard 2!

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