Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NC Teaching Standard #2 - Respect Diversity

Standard 2 gets me sometimes.  Maybe because we don't have a very diverse population, so I tend not to focus on making sure a variety of backgrounds are represented.  Here are the big ideas of Standard 2: Teachers Establish a Respectful Environment for a Diverse Population of Students.
  • Teachers provide an environment in which each child has a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults. 
  • Teachers embrace diversity in the school community and the world. 
  • Teachers treat students as individuals. 
  • Teachers adapt their teaching for the benefit of students with special needs. 
  • Teachers work collaboratively with the families and significant adults in the lives of their students. 
 Here are the things I used as artifacts:
  • PEP and DEP paperwork - PEPs are for below level kids, DEPs are for kids identified as AIG.
  • Conferences with parents
  • Conference, phone calls, and email communication with a social worker for a student who was having difficulties outside of school
  • Bullying prevention lessons
  • "Eliminating Bias" workshop at the Raising Achievement and Closing the Gap conference
  • Tuesday folders
  • Classroom website/voice mail maintained
I understand the need for this standard - I did well in it, but I can definitely improve, especially in the area of family involvement.  I'm already working on how to "fix" that for the new year.  I'm also hoping that I can handle the "treat students as individuals" better/differently since I will be seeing all the 6th grade students.  In this standard it is both a blessing and a curse that I've taught some of these students before.  I need to focus on the positives, let go of prior bad experiences, and start fresh!

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