Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Reading Stuff

If you have read the Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, you'll love this.  She has an interest survey in her book that she has the kids complete at the beginning of the year.  Last year, I discovered the beauty of doing surveys with Google Docs.  So I put her survey in and can share the link with you.  You can view my document but you can't edit it.  You'll need to save it to your account - then you can edit it, publish it, have the kids complete it, and see how Google analyzes the results.  It is pretty slick.  Enjoy!

Reading Interests Google Doc Survey

I participated in the #Daily5 chat on Twitter last night! It was amazing - the first Twitter chat I've done.  I had a hard time keeping up.  Thankfully, the chat is posted in the archive on the Daily 5 wiki.  Here is a link to that, along with some of the other cool stuff I discovered during the chat last night.

 Last, I'll leave you with a link I discovered yesterday in some random web surfing.  It came from a LiveBinder all about the Daily 5.  I've already downloaded a bunch of good stuff. Check it out!

Teachers' D5 Share and Swap Stop - there is TONS of good info here, just check out the topics in the left sidebar

Enjoy! Maybe it is time for me to make a "Links" tab where I can put all the links like this so they aren't lost in the archives...

Do you have any resources that apply to doing Daily 5 and CAFE in the upper grades?

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