Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ruminations on Reading

So I had on my schedule that yesterday's post would be about Reading Groups. (Yes, when I promised myself I'd do NaBloPoMo, I sat with my Google Calendar and brainstormed a month of topics. I'm a geek like that.)  When I scheduled Reading Groups as a post, I was planning to teach a self-contained class of 4th grade students - like I had done for the 2 previous years.  Now though, things have changed! I'm going to be teaching 6th grade in a block/rotation schedule.  I'll be teaching ALL the 6th graders Reading. Whooooooooooo.

So my plan is still mostly the same - reading groups and some independent work/reading combination.  It is a school and district requirement that I meet with the kids in small groups - and I enjoy it.  I'll have 85 minutes - I'm thinking of dividing each block class into 6 groups. I'll meet with 3 groups per day, per block.  I'm starting to lay out a plan for obtaining grades too - we have to have at least 2 per week, the admin likes to see more than that when possible.

I found a recommendation from Shannon for The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.  I was able to grab it from the library today - and it has reminded me of my long-put-off desire to have a "reading workshop" approach in my classroom.  So that is something else for me to think about. On page 15 she mentions several books I've got - sitting right here in front of me in my home office. I LOVE that!  Here are the books mentioned:
You can see the 2 I've typed in red - those are the ones I have. I'm already hunting in online library listings for the other 2.  I've got several others that fit right along the same lines:
I am going by my school today - I saw the principal and she said I could.  Everyone knows and the room is ready. Hopefully picking up some manuals and seeing my space will make things easier for me.  I'm a planner and I love to organize and research and study.  After I get a game plan together, I'll post it.  Maybe you can help me with resources.

How do you handle a big transition like this? Are you a planner or do you like to fly by the seat of your pants?

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