Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We Now Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging....

to tell you that I'm moving to 6th grade! And I'm going to be teaching reading! (which is my teaching-passion.)

I'm excited but also scared to death.  The only things that make this remotely acceptable are:
  1. I've taught these same kids year before last when they were in 4th grade. (I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they discover I'm moving up - they'll freak!)
  2. I'm getting to reunite with a teaching colleague that I get along wonderfully with - we're like long-lost sisters. We have similar teaching styles and behavior management styles. Yay!
I'm terrified because this is something SO FAR out of my comfort zone - I don't even know where to begin. I feel super excited - like this could be IT - the thing I've been waiting for my whole career. I'm ridiculously excited every time I think of something I won't have to deal with any more (math, science, social studies) but worried when I think of things I do (class library, storage, organization, class jobs) that I'll have to make fit 6th grade.

I'll end this freak out post by saying this - HELP! I need resources for 6th grade Reading/Language Arts. I know it isn't all that different from 4th grade - just longer, harder texts. But I need mentors and buddies and Twitter helpers! I've NEVER been departmentalized - I've never had to collaborate on this level with colleagues before.

I'm excited - 43 days until I have my students for the first time! Let's get started!


Runde's Room said...

Check out my blog - I've taught at the grade 6 level for 10 years. My blog is still fairly new, but I'll be posting lots of language ideas and resources (especially when the year starts up again) - language is my passion, too.

Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by! I will certainly swing over to your spot ASAP. I'll need all the help I can get!