Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Plans

So I have some grand plans for this summer. I'm feeling much more on-the-ball now than I did just 2 weeks ago.  This school year did a number on my brain!  Here's what I'd like to work on this summer.  I'll make this an ongoing list so I can add things and mark things off when they are accomplished (or swapped for something better!)

  • Develop several good uses for the Flip Camera I got through Donor's Choose. I'm thinking first about a station where kids can sign up to record something they've scripted and practiced. Maybe along the lines of the Reading Rainbow book talks? Must research!
  • Plan my read aloud books for the year. Find or develop lesson ideas that begin to incorporate the Common Core standards.
  • Explore paperslide lectures as a mode of delivering info for Social Studies
  • Investigate the idea of a flipped classroom - is this something I can make work in my setting? (elementary school, 50/50 access to computers/internet at home)
  • Continue with my original plan from NCCAT - make Glogs of resources for my main content areas.  Additionally, consider making a Glog for each month to host on my website. (We have to do monthly updates to our classroom sites.  I'm looking for a simple way to manage this. Kids can't touch it and our wiki/blog sites don't count. The Glog would probably suffice and then I'd only have to change it once a month.)
  • Spend time developing a PLN so I'm ready for August 25th! Must decide how public I want this to be locally - have had problems in the past so I'm thinking to keep this strictly online for now. We'll see.
  • Consider writing a Bright Ideas Grant for Discovery Education's Science Tech Book. (Waiting to hear back from Discovery to see if this would even be possible.)
There they are. Some big ideas that I want to work on this summer. Each one will probably merit its own post - especially since I'm doing NaBloPoMo. I figured it was a good way to get into a habit of writing and reflecting daily.  And July is "free" for me - the whole month! What a miracle!

What are your plans for the summer? Anything special?

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