Sunday, July 3, 2011

Technology Conference Week: Flip Camera Ideas

So at our district's tech conference a few weeks ago, I attended a session about having students create book trailers.  This was a fun idea and I might try it with my students.  However, it missed the mark for me just a little. I was hoping for ideas for using my Flip Camera. I got it last year through Donor's Choose.  So here is one idea I'm toying with:

Reading Rainbow style book reviews! And better yet, I found out that our librarian can upload the videos into our online card catalog program (Destiny.)  Then other kids can watch the clip to get an idea of what the book is about.  How is that for a relevant project?

Thankfully there are many clips on YouTube showing the reviews the kids did "back in the day." Did you realize that Reading Rainbow has been off the air for years? It is unfortunate, as I used to watch it with my 2nd graders each and every Friday afternoon before dismissal.

I'm also looking at doing something like this for next year:

My only issue is space. I don't have the room or the resources to dedicate to this. I could put the Flip Camera on a tripod in a corner of the room though. After sufficient training and teaching the kids how to script it out, I'm sure it could work. This is something I'd really like to have happen - but I won't be able to play with the idea until August when I can get back into my classroom.

What have you done with Flip Cameras? (Other than just video the kids?)

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