Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Office Organization Part 2!

So I've moved into my new classroom (a separate post!) and have brought home 3 tubs and a box of stuff.  Here's a visual aid:

The night before, I cleaned off shelves and this is what I had...

I was pleased that it only took me about 25 minutes to get the stuff put away.  I credit that with the fact that I didn't actually "pack" stuff - I just set it into the tub. That meant I could just set it on the new shelf.  There wasn't a whole lot of loose stuff either - it was mostly in bins, bags, or book boxes.  Here's the full shelves:

Can you hear them creaking and groaning? My concern now is that I'll come in one morning (or be awakened one night) to stuff all over the floor.  We're talking about buying some bricks and making some brick-and-board bookcases under one window.  We'll see about that after the BEACH!!!

So this isn't the beautiful office from a magazine that I'd love to have - but it is what I've got. It didn't cost me a dime so I'm happy with it. (Although if this is a decorator and you'd like to give my office a makeover, I wouldn't say no!)

What does your home office/workspace look like?

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