Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Home Office Organization

I need to get a Pinterest fix, so I'm going to share some inspiration I've found there.  I need to seriously look at the organization in my home office, as I'll soon be bringing home about half of my teaching resources.  I need to find ways to store all my math, science, and social studies materials where they can be accessed if a colleague has a need.  Here are some  ideas I liked...

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

This room is about the same size as mine, but has much smaller windows.  What I really love is the cubbies on the left.  That is exactly what I need - but I can buy it right now.  So I'm looking for more ideas...

Are we beginning to see a theme? More cubbies.

My main problem is - of course - cash flow. I can't buy cubbies, boxes, or cute bins.  I've got 3 mismatched bookcases and that's it.  Here's a before picture. There is lots of space - but I worry about overcrowding the poor shelves!

When I start to bring home stuff, I'll post more pictures. Maybe being accountable on here will keep it from turning into a disaster area!

Do you have a home office with teacher materials?  How do you have it organized?


Shannon said...

I should post a picture on my blog of my MESSY home office!!! OMG! It has been on my "to do" list for about 3 summers! :) I have sooooo much STUFF!! I can't wait to see what you do with your space. Can you send me an invite for pinterest? I have requested one twice, but haven't had any luck.


Beth said...

I sent you a Pinterest invite - be warned, it is a huge time suck :) But what fun, right? A good way to de-compress after all the stresses of being a teacher.

I'm hoping to get something figured out for my office soon... I might be adding sewing stuff in there too! The chairs might have to bite the dust! :)