Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Using Prezi in the Classroom

I am a die-hard PowerPoint user. It has been my go-to tool for YEARS. Thinking about not having Powerpoints ready to go for my Reading Street stories is enough to make me twitch.  Now that I've learned Prezi - and love it - I find myself going to it more and more.

Prezi is great because it isn't just a linear, flip-flip slide show.  You can set a path and zoom in and out - the results are really amazing!  Here are a few Prezi shows I've created.

These all had specific purposes.  Some I used with students and some with adults.  My favorite Prezi is this last one.  I used to do a PowerPoint show each morning.  It guided the students and made sure they were ready to start the day.  I think this shows the path setting and zoom features best - What do you think?

Now I'm thinking about how to compensate for all those Reading Street PowerPoints I no longer have.  I'm debating between doing Prezis or Glogs or maybe a combination of both.  Or maybe neither?

What other uses do you have for Prezi?  How do you introduce stories from a basal textbook?

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