Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading Plan Redux

So, just Monday, I posted that I was proud and excited about being ready for 6th grade, right? Welllll, I discovered today that that plan has to change.  I was under the impression that our 6th grade used Reading Street by Scott Foresman, just like the rest of the school.  Au contraire, they don't. *insert your favorite cuss word here*

So, after a few hours of near panic, and a couple emails to key folks, I've got a new game plan.  I've got several folks looking throughout the district for leveled readers (at least) and the Reading Street materials (at best.)  My curriculum contact has given me the go-ahead to plan to implement a "Reading Workshop" approach at the beginning of the year.

As you know, this is fine by me!  I've got resources for that - I'm just worried things will change AGAIN.  So while I am looking at random things for implementing Reading Workshop, Daily 5, and even CAFE into my 6th grade reading class, I'm a little cautious.  I'll be able to get my hands on materials next Wednesday.  I'm holding off on revising my plan until then.  I'll leave my original documents up on the Documents Tab (you noticed it, didn't you?) for future reference.

Do you have any favorite resources for Reading Workshop in the upper grades?

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